House of Peace Releases ‘Welcome to the River’ 

(Nashville, TN.) House of Peace is pleased to announce the release of the band’s highly-anticipated new, full-length project, Welcome to the River from Rex Records. Welcome to the River features 13 songs, which were written and produced by leading member David Liscum. This is the first time Liscum has served in the producer role on a full-length project from the group. Welcome to the River a follow-up to Into the Great Unknown. 

" I took my time writing and producing the album. I really wanted to dig deep. When we’re in a good place with the Lord, we tend to think of spiritual mountain tops, like when we got saved, or what God has brought us through, so some of the songs reflect on those moments. Other songs inspire and help us to focus on God's presence with references to the Holy Spirit guiding and directing us,” Liscum said. He continued, " I never envisioned I would be producing the entire album, but after I finished the first song, I found out how much I loved the process. Although, it can be a tremendous amount of work.” 

With a successful head start, one song from the project, “Let Your Face Shine” has already been making an impact on listeners across the globe. The song charted at #7 as one of the most downloaded songs on Christian radio in September. The single was also featured in July 2019 issue of CCM Magazine. 
The 13-song project incorporates a variety of musical styles from corporate worship anthems to pop-laced songs with prominent worship themes. Staying true to a vision that encompasses diversity, the band draws from the power of modern worship, but it also incorporates many of the group’s signature stylings, including strings and horns.

The last album, Into the Great Unknown, received a lot of positive feedback on the songs that featured strings. So, we wanted to do an entire album that highlighted the strings, and that's exactly what we did,” Liscum said. 

The band’s influences range from Bethel Music, Jesus Culture, Snow Patrol, Coldplay, Keane, Justin Jarvis, and Andrew Ehrenzeller, to name a few. 
Liscum, who wrote and produced the album, recruited heavy hitters on the project to mix the album, such as Sean Moffit, who has worked with artists like Lauren Daigle, Phil Wickham, and Jesus Culture. He also called upon the talents of Sam Gibson, who is recognized for songs like “Oceans,” and the Jesus Culture album, Let It Echo, among other leading worship albums. Additionally, Warren David, known for mixing artists like Josh Groban, Tenth Avenue North and The Afters, helped to round-out the songs on the effort. 

“The band is incredibly talented, and there are a lot of special moments on the record. I wanted to bottle that in a way that was totally coming from the heart and bring in people who could highlight the talent and heart of the record," said Liscum. In addition to encouraging those in the church, the project also aims to reach those outside the church walls. The band hopes to take two of the songs to mainstream radio next year. 

“There are a lot of corporate worship albums out there, and we love those kind of projects, but wanted to do something artistic that’s a little outside of the box in regard to radio and what the rest of the worship community is doing,” Liscum said. Prior to the album’s official release, the band produced three videos for the songs “Day of Atonement,” “Let Your Face Shine,” and “Sacrifice,” to give fans a glimpse of what was in store with this collection of new songs. The band also plans to release additional videos that will showcase more songs off of the project. 

The album is now available, digitally and on streaming outlets, globally, on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and more. For more information about House of Peace and Welcome to the River, visit and follow the band on Facebook at

House of Peace first hit the Christian music scene in 2012 and were featured on iStand With Israel, a compilation CD released through Sony/Provident Music Group. In 2015, House of Peace released their first full-length album, Into the Great Unknown on Capitol Christian Records. The project featured five songs that were produced by Grammy Award and Dove Award-winning producer, Ed Cash. Additionally, the band’s song, “New Life” was used with a movie score called “One Child,” and was featured on the movie soundtrack for The Identical, which starred Ray Liotta and Ashley Judd. To schedule an interview with House of Peace, or for more information on Welcome to the River, contact Ginny McCabe at, or at (513) 604-6720.

House of Peace Releases another hit radio single Let Your Face Shine 

House of Peace Releases another hit radio single Let Your Face Shine


* Christian Radio Promotions & CRW Promotions provide radio push 

* Single was radio tested with high listener scores. 

House of Peace has released another hit single “Let Your Face Shine” Let Your Face Shine produced by David Liscum is an ethereal worship song that  
rocks out in a modern worship context. The song is a Four minute version specifically mixed for radio,

House of Peace leading member David Liscum not only served as songwriter, but 
he also produced the single. Liscum recruited world-renowned mixer, Sam Gibson, 
who is recognized for songs like “Oceans,” and the album Wonder from Hillsong UNITED, 
the Jesus Culture album, Let It Echo, and many other leading worship albums. 

The July release of “Let Your Face Shine,” is an “extended” or longer version of the song which is currently available 
and "Let Your Face Shine" radio version is soon to be released this fall on full-length album "Welcome to the River. 

"Let Your Face Shine" crosses the divide and reaches all Christian Radio formats. The new single has also appeared in CCM Magazine.

Day of Atonement Video 

Please check out our new lyric video Day of Atonement. 




When I needed love You were there. When I needed comfort You were there.

I needed grace You came to take my place. On the day the day the day of Atonement oh oh

When there was no one You were there. When I was broken You there.

I needed grace You came to take my place. On the day the day the day of Atonement oh oh

I believe in the the ransom paid I believe in the redemption made. I believe in the life you gave ya

I believe in the lamb that was slain.

I needed grace You came to take my place. On the day the day of Atonement oh oh

The day of atonement The day the day the day. The day of atonement.

A ransom paid redemption made. You are the day of atonement

A ransom paid redemption made. You are the day of atonement




House of Peace releases extended version of Let Your Face Shine 

Nashville, TN (July 7, 2019) 
South Florida-based group, House of Peace, is pleased to announce the release of “Let Your Face Shine,” along with an accompanying lyric video. The single is a precursor to the band’s second full-length project, Welcome to the River, which is set to be out this fall.


Welcome to the River Album 

Welcome to the River is the second full studio worship album by artist House of Peace. Welcome to the River will be released in the Fall of 2019. The album is preceded by the single "Let Your Face Shine" extended version which is a longer version of the song to appear on the album. The Entire album was produced by David Liscum with the exception of "Heaven Open Up" which was Executive produced by Scott Cash. This is the first album where David Liscum took an executive role in producing the album and had industry mixing veterans like Sean Moffitt who has mixed many hit songs such as How Can It Be - Lauren Daigle, I Can Only Imagine- Mercy Me, and After all these years (Brian and Jen Johnson) just to name a few.

In addition, to Sean Moffit David recruited Warren David (mixing credit for Cory Asbury), and Sam Gibson (mixing credit for Hillsong's Oceans,) also major heavy hitters in the mixing world. The album has more of a worship feel similar to Jesus Culture or Bethel Worship but also stands out on its own with a heavy emphasis on strings throughout the album. 

The 13 song titles go as followed:

I'm Alive 
Day of Atonement 
Come Holy One 
Let your Face Shine 
I'm in Love with you 
Send Your Fire 
Love is a Flame 
Clouds of Glory 
My Love 
Heaven Open Up 
Voice of the Dove 

All songs were written by David Liscum 
Copyright 2017-2019



Purchase Into the Great Unknown 

We are updating the website and about to make some changes to the homepage over the next few weeks and moving Into the Great Unknown off the homepage. If you are looking on how to purchase Into the Great Unknown please click the following links.

Into the Great Unknown CD 


You can still get our previous album here.  

5 songs produced by Grammy and Dove Award winning
producer Ed Cash. 




Let Your Face Shine lyric video 

Please check out our new lyric video " Let Your Face Shine" produced and written by David Liscum. Though this is not available as a single this will be on the new record in 2019.


Let the Fires on the outside burn the embers on the inside
Let your  winds on the outside shift my heart on the inside 

Come close to me
Come Come close to me 
Come Close to me 
Come Close to me ya 

Let your face shine on me shine on me  
Bless me and keep me eternally bless me and keep me  

Let your face shine on me shine on me 
Grant me favor and give me peace 

Perfect Peace 

Let your glory on the outside bring your presence by my side
Let your glory on the outside bring your presence by my side
Bring your presence by my side 

Come close to meCome Come close to me 

Come Close Come Close to me  
Come Come Close to me 

Let your face shine on me shine on me 
Bless me and keep me eternally bless me and keep me  

Let your face shine on me shine on me 
Grant me favor and give me peace 

Perfect Peace 

Let your love shine on me  
Let your grace shine on me  
Let your glory and power shine on me  
Let your face shine on me  

Let your face shine on me shine on me  
Bless me and keep me eternally bless me and keep me 
Let your face shine on me shine on me  

Lets your Glory Shine on me ya 
Lets your Glory Shine on me ya 
Lets your Glory Shine on me ya


Passover Lamb Acoustic and Into the Great Unknown in HD audio 

In celebration of Into the Great Unknown being remastered and re-released in HD, David Liscum and Jeff Maldonado re-recorded Passover Lamb in Acoustic Version in 2018 during the recording of the new album Welcome to the River. Produced by David Liscum


Please check out our album remastered on iTunes in HD and our acoustic version of Passover Lamb.


Please download Into The Great Unknown in HD quality


Thank you to our Partners Contributors and our label City Of Peace Media 

Over the past 3 months we have been in transition from CMG to Sony Provident. During this time, "Into the Great Unknown" was down for 3 months. We appreciate all our friends, partners and contributors who were apart of Into the Great Unknown. Though we are very focused on the new album. We still appreciate all that you have done in the past that made Into the Great Unknown possible. It's back online in HD audio. We also want to thank our label City of Peace Media. Without them this album would not be possible.



Our Distribution Transition 

City of Peace media, our label has moved from CMG distribution and told us we will be transitioning to Sony Provident for distribution. Unfortunately "Into the Great Unknown" has been down for several months because of the transition and we are hoping this is resolved soon. We appreciate our friends and partners who were a part of "Into the Great Unknown" and as soon as we get an update we will be letting you know. We hope this is back online very soon.

Right now you can still buy the physical copy of "Into the Great Unknown" in select book stores and directly from our label City of Peace Media. We are hoping all digital formats will be online soon.





Welcome to the River Update 

Our new album is taking much longer than expected. Sometimes these albums take much longer than we would like. We will definitely be done this year however it's too early for a release date. You can hear a sample of what we are working on our facebook. We still might release a single this year we will just have to wait and see what our label says. Please stay tuned.


New Album - Welcome To the River 2019 

We are working on a new album that should be out in 2019 called "Welcome to the River". This album will be more indie sounding with ethereal pads, delayed guitars, lots of reverb and a little bit more prophetic. It's will be completely different sounding album than "Into the Great Unknown". It's in preproduction right now, and we have just started laying down some of the tracks. Everything is up in the air, but we are hoping to release a single before the album comes out so stay tuned. We won't be doing any traveling this year (with the exception of any mission trips) as we all are pretty busy with our families, and we are working on the album in our spare time.


Our Mission This Year - Missions 

After several major tours have been cancelled, we have had lots of disappointments (as well as many others that I won't get into).  We have had many trials as a band, and just trying to figure what God wants us to do, when things don't work out like we expect.  That being said we have also had many victories. We are counting our blessings for sure.  There's no question we have had countless opportunities that any musician or band would die for. And we are incredibly thankful to City of Peace Media, our label, who have opened many doors. They have been great! But I guess like most things you always want more. 

That being said, late 2015 we decided we would do limited events that had Missions attached. This was actually part of our mission statement  (no pun intended) from the very beginning.  I have always felt that even though we were a worship band that the gospel could still be a center piece of what we do. Over much thought and prayer, I think this generation needs worship leaders that are not just chasing the lights, and the big stage and tours but something more valuable and lasting. I am totally not against those things and who knows they may still come, but the foundation needs to be more. This generation needs to see artists that actually do something besides create records and tour. Like I said nothing wrong with those things, however they should never be a primary focus. 

I believe this is just as important as the mission trips we go on, and that is to encourage other Artists to promote the gospel, and do mission work. Promoting the Lord and the Gospel and focusing on lasting things that will make a difference.  This generation needs to be encouraged to be a minister, not just a artist. That's our heart and that's our goal for this year. 

God has been faithful to the vision we have cast. In April, we recently went to the Grand Bahama Island for a mission trip that went very well with myself and Seadric. Then in a few days I will be going to Africa and then Lord willing we plan on going to Israel and another country with in a year. So our focus this year will be entirely missions oriented. 

Please keep us in prayer for our ministry this year.

Break the Bread (Communion Song) the meaning 

Break the Bread has a really deep picture beyond the obvious communion references. The song is a prophetic picture of Passover, which is where communion comes from.

"I remember your broken body" This is an obvious reference to the Lord when he said when you do this, do this in remembrance of me. This not only is a reference to remembering what Jesus did on the cross, and that his body was broken, but in Passover, this is symbolic because we break the bread in Passover. The bread is unleavened bread which symbolizes without sin. Even the song reference Break the Bread makes a reference that Jesus died without sin or blemish the bread is unleavened in Passover. So when we break the bread we remember that Jesus broke his body for us without sin.

"Your blood and tears so overcoming" The wine is an obvious reference that Jesus shed his blood for our sins. But in Passover also you dip the Karpas in saltwater symbolizing the tears that Jews had during their Egyptian slavery. I believe it also is a prophetic picture of the tears Jesus shed for us and for what he suffered. When I dip the Karpas in saltwater I think of the tears Jesus made for us and what he suffered through.

" I remember you took bitterness"  In Passover we dip the Karpas into the bitter herbs. I believe this is a prophetic picture of when Yeshua (Jesus) drank the wine mixed with gall. God willingly took our bitterness on the cross. This is what I remember when I dip the Karpas into the bitter herbs.

"You bore my pain You bore my sickness" This reference is an obvious reference to Isaiah 53:5 "The punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by our wounds we are healed"

"Break the Bread Drink the wine come sup with me " a reference to Rev 3:20 "Behold I stand at the door and knock if any man hears my voice and opens the door, then I will come in to him and sup with him and he with me." I believe this is a prophetic picture of the Passover door and a reference to a intimate time when we take communion and the Lord sups with us. There is also a tradition in Passover of the child knocking on the door. I believe this also maybe a prophetic picture when Jesus is knocking on the door in Revelation..

"I remember your affliction your stripes and marks and all your piercings" is a reference to The Matzah bread in Passover the way it's baked is striped and is pierced. So when we take matzah bread we remember the piercing and stripes" Also another reference to Isaiah 53:5. 

" I remember the order of your redemption unfailing love" The word Seder means order. Not only does Passover celebrate the redemption of Jesus but the last cup symbolized the Marriage Supper of the Lamb in Revelation 19:7–10. 

Also during in one of the Choruses bearly in the background you can hear " I long for the marriage of the lamb"

The bridge is interesting because I didn't write the bridge but I believe God knew what he was doing and tied it all in. The bridge says
"You are good Oh Lord, You are good to me, You're the Life in every Breath I Breathe." I believe this is a reference in Passover to the
Charoset we eat which God wants us to remember his Goodness. Charoset symbolizes his goodness to us the sweetness of God!



Recently Misquoted 

I found an interview recently I did last year where I was misquoted. Not a big deal, but I wanted to clarify a few things. Although we support and have relationship with worship leaders on other labels locally, we have no plans to go outside of City of Peace Media with another label, or other groups, or participate in tours, or conferences outside what City of Peace Media lines up. This was a complete misquote. Not the end of the world but I did want to clarify.

I do know a few guys here that locally that are on other labels. I absolutely love and support them 100%.  We love what's going on at Bethel and Jesus Culture in the area of worship. And we support these guys 100%. Such incredible stuff. 

However we have no plans whatsoever to go outside of City of Peace media in regards to records, tours, conferences or anything else, however it doesn't take away from us supporting other worship leaders that are doing other things.

Thanks, David

Worship band House of Peace is set to release their third radio single, Break the Bread (Communion Song) 

Worship band House of Peace is set to release their third single, Break the Bread (Communion Song), from their debut full-length project; Into the Great Unknown. The single will be hitting airwaves Jan 30, 2016.   

Break the Bread (Communion Song), produced by Grammy and Dove award winning producer Ed Cash, is an ethereal worship song within a modern worship context. Co-writer and internationally acclaimed music producer Scott Cash commenting on House of Peace singer/songwriter, Davd Liscum, says, "David writes songs that are commercial, palatable, and accessible but still really hit home." 

Break the Bread is from Into the Great Unknown, the first full studio album by House of Peace from City of Peace Media and Capitol Christian Distribution. The 11-song project celebrates the band's credo of diversity through unity by incorporating a broad range of musical styles from CCM to ethereal worship. 

"This is one of my favorite worship songs on our album and still really connects me with me every time we lead worship with it or I listen to it. There is a deeper picture about communion going on... remembering what the Lord did for us on the cross..." says, David Liscum, worship leader and songwriter from House of Peace. "It's really important when we take communion to remember the price, the sacrifice, the cost, and the freedom we have. I really tried to capture that in this song in a format that listeners would connect with but most of all honor the Lord." 

In its June 2015 issue, CCM Magazine said, "House of Peace's new album mixes modern lyrics with ancient spiritual truths to create a diverse, catchy soundtrack. With a penchant for singing profound truths in new ways, this new outfit is one worshippers of all ages and tastes will appreciate."  

"In a musical landscape littered with carbon copy worship songs, House of Peace delivers an outstanding album, bringing together an amazing depth of both lyrics and sound," declares Shaun Tabatt of The Shaun Tabatt Show. 

The new single follows on the heels of the group's well-received debut single, "Passover Lamb," which hit Billboard charts in 2015. Break the Bread impacts Christian, Christian AC, Christian CHR, Worship, Inspirational, and Christian HOT AC radio formats. House of Peace's Into the Great Unknown, is currently available digitally and physically from retailers from City of Peace Media and Capitol Christian Distribution. Learn more about House of Peace at 

About City of Peace Media and City of Peace Films: 

City of Peace Media and City of Peace Films includes, but is not limited to, the following list of creative services: major physical and digital distribution, record production, artist management, artist development, music publishing, song development, art direction, graphic design, website development, music video production, film production and film development. City of Peace Media also consults in the following strategic areas: marketing plan development, public relations planning, radio promotion, publicity, advertising, touring and name branding. The primary focus of City of Peace Media and City of Peace Films is to provide a framework where music, films and video with "redeeming value" can be developed, produced and distributed worldwide, bringing a message of hope, love and encouragement to this generation. Learn more at 

About Capitol Christian Distribution: 

Capitol Christian Distribution is the market leader Christian and Gospel music distribution and represents a diverse range of chart topping Christian films and books reaching the US Christian and general retail marketplace, and the international Christian marketplace. Since this distribution division was launched, Capitol Christian has had more charting titles annually on Billboard's Top Christian charts than any other Christian distributor and has been named Billboard Magazine's Top Christian Music Distributor 15 times since 1995. 

In addition to distributing Capitol Christian Music Group's fully-owned labels, which include Sparrow, ForeFront, and Credential imprints, as well as Motown Gospel and Worship Together, Capitol Christian Distribution has exclusive distribution agreements with Centricity Records, City on A Hill, City of Peace Records, Difference Media, Dream Records, Gaither Music Group, Green Hill Productions, Inpop, Hillsong, sixsteps records,  Sonoma Music, Maranatha! Music, North Point Music, Spring Hill Music Group, Troubadour for the Lord, Universal Music Group, VSR Music Group, Advent Film Group, Anchor Bay Entertainment/Starz, Cinedigm Entertainment, City of Peace Films, Creative Trust Media, Family Movie Night, Getty Music, Friends Media, Foreshadow Productions, Glorious Films, Guardian Studios/Bananas, Jellyfish Labs, Millennium Media Services, Pure Flix Entertainment, Vertical Praise Productions, Wanderlust Productions, Whitestone Media, Worthy Publishing, Authentic Publishers and many more. Capitol Christian Distribution is a division of Capitol Christian Music Group, which is part of Universal Music's Capitol Music Group. For more information, visit

Break the Bread - Communion Song - Chord Chart CCLI #7041348 Capo Chart 

A few of you have requested that we do a Capo Chart for Break the Bread (Communion Song) so I have posted this chord chart. Your guitar should be Capo'd on the third fret. I have also included the previous chart.

Capo Chart in Em for third fret.

Previous Chart

Thanks, David


The Identical Movie and "Into the Great Unknown" Holiday Bundle 

The Identical (DVD) + House of Peace Holiday Bundle

Regular price $ 26.98 Sale price $ 19.99

The Identical (DVD) + House of Peace Bundle


There is more to this combination than meets the eye. The lead singer of House of Peace, David Liscum, co-wrote the theme music to The Identical. The Identical is a warm hearted family film that will unite hearts and strengthen your faith. It's a story about finding your God-given destiny. Into the Great Unknown by House of Peace carries that same vision to stir up your faith and challenge you to follow God into His purposes for your life. Get this Holiday special at

Hope and Glory Acoustic tour 

David Liscum, worship leader, from group House of Peace, will be launching an acoustic tour, called Hope and Glory.  David will be joining church worship teams across the country to lead a time of worship and ministry.

The purpose for the Hope and Glory acoustic tour is to connect with worship teams and bring congregations together for a time of worship and prayer. The group is looking for opportunities of ministry time, to pray for congregations as well as minister to members of church worship teams. House of  Peace will also be sharing some of their new worship songs off the new album "Into The Great Unknown", and also mixing it up with some of their favorite worship covers.

Other members from House of Peace will also be joining David on select dates to be a part of the worship. The group recently launched their debut album "Into the Great Unknown". The CD features production on five of the project's tracks by multi-Dove Award winner Ed Cash, along with his brother Scott Cash. Liscum, who wrote  co-wrote all the songs on the project, produced two songs. 

House of Peace is a worship band consisting of worship leader and songwriter David Liscum, guitarist Jeff Maldonado, drummer Seadric Crawford, Ryan Horner on bass and Maldonado's wife Christine on percussions and background vocals. 

The band was initially featured on the City of Peace Media compilation project, IStand With Israel, and Liscum later teamed with City of Peace Media label head Yochanan Marcellino to pen "New Life," the song that would become the theme for the feature film The Identical, starring Ashley Judd, Ray Liotta.

David and some band members will be playing from the east coast all the way to the west coast in Florida, Texas, Georgia, California, Tennessee, New York, and Pennsylvania. If you are interested in having David come for a time of worship and ministry please contact