Recently Misquoted

I found an interview recently I did last year where I was misquoted. Not a big deal, but I wanted to clarify a few things. Although we support and have relationship with worship leaders on other labels locally, we have no plans to go outside of City of Peace Media with another label, or other groups, or participate in tours, or conferences outside what City of Peace Media lines up. This was a complete misquote. Not the end of the world but I did want to clarify.

I do know a few guys here that locally that are on other labels. I absolutely love and support them 100%.  We love what's going on at Bethel and Jesus Culture in the area of worship. And we support these guys 100%. Such incredible stuff. 

However we have no plans whatsoever to go outside of City of Peace media in regards to records, tours, conferences or anything else, however it doesn't take away from us supporting other worship leaders that are doing other things.

Thanks, David

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