Our Mission This Year - Missions

After several major tours have been cancelled, we have had lots of disappointments (as well as many others that I won't get into).  We have had many trials as a band, and just trying to figure what God wants us to do, when things don't work out like we expect.  That being said we have also had many victories. We are counting our blessings for sure.  There's no question we have had countless opportunities that any musician or band would die for. And we are incredibly thankful to City of Peace Media, our label, who have opened many doors. They have been great! But I guess like most things you always want more. 

That being said, late 2015 we decided we would do limited events that had Missions attached. This was actually part of our mission statement  (no pun intended) from the very beginning.  I have always felt that even though we were a worship band that the gospel could still be a center piece of what we do. Over much thought and prayer, I think this generation needs worship leaders that are not just chasing the lights, and the big stage and tours but something more valuable and lasting. I am totally not against those things and who knows they may still come, but the foundation needs to be more. This generation needs to see artists that actually do something besides create records and tour. Like I said nothing wrong with those things, however they should never be a primary focus. 

I believe this is just as important as the mission trips we go on, and that is to encourage other Artists to promote the gospel, and do mission work. Promoting the Lord and the Gospel and focusing on lasting things that will make a difference.  This generation needs to be encouraged to be a minister, not just a artist. That's our heart and that's our goal for this year. 

God has been faithful to the vision we have cast. In April, we recently went to the Grand Bahama Island for a mission trip that went very well with myself and Seadric. Then in a few days I will be going to Africa and then Lord willing we plan on going to Israel and another country with in a year. So our focus this year will be entirely missions oriented. 

Please keep us in prayer for our ministry this year.

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