About Into the Great Unknown - The story behind the title

The meaning behind "Into the Great Unknown." If you ever been to a place in life that you didn't understand, it can be extremely difficult. Sometimes life mounds a pile of challenges you're way,maybe even extremely painful, or hurtful. You might be overwhelmed beyond you're wildest dreams.

This is a difficult place to be, however we have a choice. A choice to be afraid of the mysteries, things we don't understand, or to pursue God for understanding. To have joy in the mysteries! "Into the great Unknown" God's calling us to a place of deeper trust with Him. By letting go with complete trust knowing and having faith that God is good, and he is leading you to a good place. We might not be able to see or understand, but our source of rest comes from spending time with Him. It can be a battle, and may not be perfect, and that's ok. We may have to reach out to others.

I had a really good friend, who is a incredible worship leader, say "Bro you just got to have joy in
the mysteries" It didn't register for 2 weeks. Afterwards it hit me, I had great joy knowing that God was going to lead me through the great unknown, and I could have joy without knowing anything in the most difficult of times. (This was a long season of testing, trials, and over all difficulty)

We have to willfully walk to that place, or we will never fully get everything God has for us.

Our hope doesn't come because we know the outcome. our hope comes because of who we know (The Lord)

One day listening to Oceans it hit me deeply, "You call me upon the waters, 'The great unknown' where feet may fail, and there I find you in the mystery, in Oceans deep, my faith will stand.

We find God in the mystery, when we let go, and allow God to call us out into the deep waters. (without kicking and screaming).

Trust God in the deep deep waters!

Into the Great Unknown is a hard place, but it can be a great place of joy, if we allow it. And there is where you will find God in the mystery! Trust Trust Trust!