Please Pray for Gary Noland one of our amazing producers and Unstaged!

Please Pray for Gary Noland, one our amazing producers. Gary Noland Mixed "New Life" which was inspired, and used in The Identical Movie. We wanted to say thank you Gary! We ended with such an amazing song between a good friend who did a spectacular job tracking the song in Nashville, and Gary mixing it, we could not have asked for much more. "New Life" obviously is on our latest album. Please preview and download it, you will love it!

It's a killer song and we love it so much. If you haven't heard it yet, get it. It's an epic track! We worked very hard on it, and so did many others! It's probably my favorite track on the entire album. It's not a worship song, very different from what we normally do, but we are so thankful we did it!

Gary has an amazing studio as seen in the pictures below. Both Gary and his wife have great hearts, and we just ask you to keep them in your prayers. as Gary has been operating under Unstaged since 2003. Recently, American Express has filed a lawsuit against Gary claiming they have rights to the name. I have known Gary for a very long time, and as far as I know he has had that name before American Express was using it. Gary has very limited funds, and this is a horrible tragedy against Gary, and his family. In addition to Gary being a Christian singer, songwriter, worship leader, Gary helps many Christian artists who love the Lord, and this would be a huge setback for Gary. Gary does tremendous works of service for the Church, and for many Christian artsts.

Please keep Gary Noland and his family in your prayers and Unstaged


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